The Goats have Arrived!

The Goats have Arrived!

August 10th, 2015

The Fanwood Nature Center welcomed the arrival of 12 goats to help with the poison ivy and invasive plant vegetation. They will be there for a month or so, with more goats arriving soon. They are fenced in on the LaGrande entrance of the Nature Center. The fence is electrically charged, so be careful with the area. The Fanwood Environmental Commission spearheaded this process by contacting the company and getting a grant for Fanwood to pay for it. It is an expensive proposition, but it will help the Nature Center come back to what it once was. The Commission had a few key players in this venture. Margaret Chowdhury thought of the idea and contacted the company, and Phyllis Sandrock organized the plans and they both helped it come to fruition.


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