The Fanwood Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) is a compendium of our community’s environmental features — water bodies, soils, geology, open space, woodlands and vegetation, water supply and wastewater, noise, and related infrastructure and cultural features. It is produced by the Fanwood Environmental Commission (FEC).

The ERI will be incorporated into the municipal Master Plan by the Planning Board as the conservation element of the plan. The Planning Board is then obligated to provide the FEC with development site plans and subdivision plans for review and comment.
The ERI stands as a benchmark document, in that it helps the community to know where it currently stands in relation to the developed and undeveloped lands within its boundaries and also where it has been and where it might be going. This compendium provides sufficient background information on the topics mentioned above so that it can serve as an “Environmental Primer”.
As documents that have captured Fanwood at a particular moment in time, the ERI exhibits Fanwood’s diversity and culture, its history, and its sense of itself.

Members of FEC, picked different chapters of the 1991 ERI for updating, editing, and incorporating supplemental data. Information was obtained from reports, the Master Plan, governmental websites, and interviews with members of the Borough staff, consultants, government agencies, and local citizens.

Members of the FEC who worked on this document include:

Gary Szelc (Current Chairperson) Donna Dolce (Liaison-Town Council)
Dave Schwartzberg Dan Zucker (Liaison-Planning Board)
Sandra Redder Dean Talcott (Past Chairperson)
Gayle Steinfeld Eric Gaulin (Past Secretary)
Elaine Vuono Jack Molenaar (Past Liaison-Planning Board
Kalpana Krishna Kumar Margaret Chowdhury