Butterfly Garden

FEC Unveils its Latest Initiative

Bring together 84 willing hands, 130-plus plants of various shapes and hues, a 600-square-foot layer of newspaper and cardboard, 500 cubic feet of leaves, grass and compost. Mix with a few days of steady Spring rainfall. It all adds up to a beautiful, new butterfly garden right outside the entrance of the Fanwood Nature Center.

Local Boy Scout, Andrew Van Haasteren of Fanwood’s Troop 33 created this environmental oasis for his Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, and it has been certified as an official Monarch Butterfly Waystation by MonarchWatch.

Come and see the colorful blooms and their flying visitors for yourself. We do ask that you respect this space by keeping pets out, and leaving the flowers for everyone — especially the butterflies! — to enjoy. We also hope you will join us in our environmental mission by adding butterfly-friendly plants to your own yard. Soon to come to this website: tips on planning a butterfly garden of your own.

Entrance to the Nature Center is on Cray Terrace, under the power lines midway between Terrill Road and Helen Street. Walk up the hill, and you will find the entrance, and the butterfly garden just past the electrical tower.