Bat Box Info

Bat Box Info

There are bat boxes at the Fanwood Nature Center. They are benefitting the surrounding wildlife and thriving in the boxes. Here is some more info about bats from the local Boy Scout Troop.

What are bats? Bats are mammals. They are typically smaller than a chipmunk. Bats fly at dusk and have leathery wings. At the end of each wing, bats have fingers that are similar to humans. Each finger is connected by webbing that make up a bat’s wing.

Do bats live in our area? Yes! There are 9 species of bats located in New Jersey. Of these, 6 species are native and 3 species are migratory. Bats have been sighted in our area and several have been seen flying at the Fanwood Nature Center this summer.

Is there a benefit to having bats in our area? Absolutely! Bats are highly beneficial. They can eat between 800-1,000 mosquitos and other insects in one night. Contrary to myths, bats are not dangerous and they do not attack people.

Where do bats live? In nature, bats sleep upside down in tall trees and caves. They also sleep in bat boxes. Designed specifically for bats, bat boxes are small dwellings that provide protection from elements and predators, helping keep bats safe. Bat boxes were installed at the Fanwood Nature Center during the summer in 2015. The public is welcome to visit the bat boxes, which are mounted on poles located along the Winding Way Trail. If visiting at dusk, it is possible to watch the unique flying patterns of bats as they fly through the sky eating insects. 

View the poster below to learn more about how bat boxes are built!


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