Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

Fanwood Environmental Commission seeks volunteers to remove non-native invasive plants at the Fanwood Nature Center.



The Fanwood Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) is a compendium of our community’s environmental features.

Nature Center Map

Nature Center Map

Visit the Fanwood Nature Center online with our interactive map!

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About the Fanwood Environmental Commisison

The Fanwood Environmental Commission is a statutory board of eight regular members and two alternates. The regular members include Liaison (Planning Board) & Liaison (Town Council).

Our charge includes studying and making recommendations concerning open space preservation, water resource management, air pollution control, solid waste management, noise control, soil and landscape protection, environmental appearance, and protection of flora and fauna.

We promote the conservation, protection, development, or use of all Fanwood’s natural and water resources by:

  • Planning & implementing local conservation programs as approved by the Town Council
  • Compiling an ERI compendium
  • Making recommendations on all development plans before the Planning Board with a focus on how it would impact Fanwood’s natural and water resources and environment.
  • Conducting Outreach programs to raise awareness on environmental issues as they affect our town.
  • Advertising, preparing, and distributing materials necessary to implement the Commission’s activities
  • Acting as the Township liaison for conservation needs with regional, state, and federal agencies

Commission Members

Chairperson:    Gary Szelc
Members: Sandra Redder , Eric Gaulin, Margaret Chowdhury, Phyllis Sandrock, Matt Jukes, David Gibbs, Adele Kenny
Secretary: Moenika Chowdhury
Alternate: Dave Schwartzberg
Liaisons:  Elenor McGovern
Caretaker—Fanwood Nature Center: Dean Talcott
Associate Member: Nikolai Chowdhury

Meeting Venue

Fanwood Community House (“The Old Train Station”)
Second Floor
230 North Avenue, Fanwood, New Jersey 07023